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February 14, 2006

Cooking Mania

I really have no clue why I love cooking so much, may be because I love to eat too. I did not start cooking coz I had to. My love for cooking starts when I was a kid and I used to watch Sanjeev Kapoor on Doordashan and adamantly fight with my mom to buy all those exclusive groceries that were expensive.
When I started living on my own in Chennai & then Pune, My friends and I (lucky that I had friends who were also sapaduramis like me) were always on a cooking spree trying new things and going to every new resaturant possible. It could be in one end of chennai, in a little tent, but we will be there.
In Pune, we used to try the food from the people selling on carts their famous poha & chai...to die for. Such were my gastronomical adventures.
My favourite past time now is to read recipe books like they are mystery novels and watch food tv, like there in no other channel to watch.
I cook Italian, Mexican, Indian ofcourse and Chinese. Are there crazy one's like me out there?

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