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April 26, 2009

Fresh produce

After my last post on broccoli, I was quite sure it would take atleast a few weeks before I ventured to get more broccoli. Well I couldnt have been more wrong.

This morning Shankari & I went shopping for our veggies and fruits, the farmers market was busier than in the past weeks, with more stands and choices. The first broccoli I saw looked quite fresh, and I could not resist picking it up and searching for u know what, if you have seen my previous post. well since it looked great I picked up a couple.

The nice thing about this place is the chit chat with the friendly vendors, whose faces are now familiar after few months of our bi-weekly shopping trips.

Here is all we got this morning for a grand total of $18.85
20 lemons -$3.00
Cherries $3.00
Broccoli $0.85
Fava Beans $1.00
Cauliflower $1.00
Chives $1.00
Shallots $1.00
2 Large red onions with the sprouts $1.00 ( this was not on the list, but I thought this would make a great picture
apples $1.00
radish $1.00
Kiwi $1.00
oranges $2.00
thai bird chille plants x 7 $2.00
total $18.85

Well hope this makes up a bit for the gross pics of the bugs I put out yesterday. The trick to farmers market shopping is to going there with plenty of time to be able to check and examine the produce patiently.