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April 06, 2006

Those were the best days of my life...Part II

I have to also add that there were a lot of exciting things that happened in that apartment...

We had a room mate , whose friend (Hindu) was in love with a Muslim guy. The groom's family agreed to the wedding, but the brides family was totally against it, so my roommate's friend approaches her and says can we have the wedding in your apartment coz no one would suspect that we will have it here...My roommate consults all of us and we agree.
It was really a very interesting event, the grooms family completely took over the apartment, they had religious paraphernalia and the wedding started. All our neighbor's were curious about what was going on ..There are a flood of people coming to our house. That was an event to remember....

And then, we had one our friends move in with us, whose parents were seriously trying to get her married...So the groom to be and his family came to see my friend. We were all so excited for her and then they got engaged and he met her once in my house and then after that they got married, he moved to Saudi I think, and she stayed with us once again and this time pregnant ! We have felt her baby move and shared happy moments and then also had the vazhakappu (baby Shower)in our house if I remember right.

It was eventful years for all of us, we made mistakes, got hurt and learnt to be stronger......

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