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October 05, 2007

Pooris Galore!

I know I know, Independence day party is long gone. But this is what we cooked in our cooking class yesterday. Yesterday's class was an intimate group of 12 and everyone had loads of fun rolling the pooris. We made our regular pooris and spinach pooris. I am not posting the recipe here, since we have loads of versions here.

What I enjoyed most was when I heard from the students that they have tried out a lot of the
recipes I taught, which means our Indian cooking is spreading it's wings and a few told me that they have decided to dish up some of the Indian dishes for Thanksgiving! That thrilled me to bits and got me all misty eyed.

Some of them tell me their spouses dont like Indian food and after they cook some of the recipes we cooked in class, they send me an email that,"We have another convert", and that makes my day, that someone who did not like Indian food has begun to like it.

We made about 80 pooris...no no..just 12 students did not clean up 80 pooris, a few folks from the cooking school, R & I also had our share of the dinner. The menu was absolute comfort food


Spinach Poori

Channa Masala

Onion Relish


Just see all the hands involved in making the pooris and remember it was their first time rolling them :) . The class was a blast!

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