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April 28, 2006

I am in the fitness mode right now

Just like the change in seasons, every once in a while I get into the mode of eating healthy, exercising etc. It started of with me stepping on the weighing scale..boy! was I taken aback....
I immediately decided that I have to lose weight and get back to my original weight. I started by browsing a whole lot of diets and then decided against it. Being vegetarian is good enough was the conclusion minus the fried stuff and coconut.
Next I started looking for gyms, coz I am bad at trying to motivate myself. Every gym I entered was another adventure. Nobody tells you upfront what the fees is, they take you on a tour, they like to say hi to the customers who look really fit and by the time you are done, you are so enamoured by what they are doing.Then comes the fun part, the 12 month agreement and the price you have to pay if it is a month on month agreement, and that special offer if you sign up today you get so much off blah blah, you will not get this deal if you come back tomorrow....sigh I was tired.
I then decided that I will drag my husband into this(poor soul has work to last for 18 hoursor more). We have now started walking twice everyday. I have a pedometer on and I track how many steps I do everyday. It is fun, you should try it.
I will keep you posted whether this really lasts.....

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