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November 11, 2007

Blast of a time

Happy Deepavali friends.

We had a blast, celebrating Deepavali for in India. For myself this was after being abroad for 10 years, and for Shankari 7 years. Tons of home made sweets, new clothes ofcourse and plenty of crackers.

Reviewing the pictures later was when I realized how dangerous crackers really are. These pictures tell the story. Luckily all of us were fine.

The immense blast caught on camera in this next shot was not observed by any of us when we were bursting the crackers. I had my camera on a fast frame mode, and felt lucky to have caught this snap.
The tube you see is a sturdy cardboard roll that the friendly photolab assistant gave me to safely travel pack some enlargements I had ordered from the lab. I needed only one tube, and so we had the other to play with. We had a blast launching the plastic ring that went on the end of the tube. This flew quite high atleast 40-50 ft or about 3 stories high.

Notice the sparks flying randomly in all directions in the first frame. Imagine one of these hitting the eye. Safety goggles will help, but will we spend to get them.

As kids, my parents always warned us of the dangers, these pictures were an eye opener. Something to remember and to heed to the instructions, they are there for a purpose. The tube survived intact even after multiple reuse, and probably directed any sparks and flames safely upward.

Pray for safe and injury free Deepavali's for all for the future!

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