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August 28, 2006

Thank You, Nandri, Gracias!

I have begun to enjoy blogging so much that, I am sure when I go to India I will try to log in as much as possible, I am just hooked on to it now!

Just like visiting friends , I have been hopping to various blogs and become friends with many. I have learnt to cook a whole lot of new recipe and R has been a happy camper enjoying all the food I make or should I say guinea pig...

I am trying to remember all that I made from various blogs. The fun thing I did a couple of weekends ago was to cook our weekend meal only from various blogs. So here goes the menu


Shredded chicken from Inji Pennu
This dish was so simple to make and yet to delectable.

Corn and Bell Pepper soup from Krithika
The soup had the sweetness of the corn and the pepper made it spicy. It is a great accompaniment on a cold winter day!


Ginger Chicken from Karthi Kannan
This was a super hit in our home, R licked the dish clean.

Parupu Payasam from Sudha
It disappeared in a jiffy, no left overs, so you can tell how tasty it was.

On days when I bored of eating my own food (poor R), I browsed through blogs and made a few dishes

I made Nabeela 's Cluster beans , but used regular beans instead, guys this is a must try dish. It was a superb hit!
I also made Krithika's wheat dosa, R mastered the art of making them super crispy in an iron skillet, so I savored every bite with molaga podi.
I know I have made more , but just cant get to recollect.

On another note, I had posted about an orphanage sometime ago, and guess what , I have collected nearly $500! Thanks to all of you who mailed out the checks to me. I will update you with pictures and stories when I am back from India.

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