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August 15, 2006

Right is right and left is wrong

Up is light & down is night............

The first thing that I remember after landing in SF on a cold december day was that the van my BIL and sister brought to pick me up was noiseless.

Next thing I can recall from 10 years ago was the concern about messing up my sister's place which was spic & span, and furnished like in the movies (Well thats how it seemed to me)

The funny part started when I was learning to drive, staying on the right side of the road was OK until I made a turn or practiced the three point turn I would end up on the wrong side. Luckily this was a small town and the roads I practiced had no traffic.

Thats all this random musing is about .. riGht is Right and left is wRong. And you have to turn Up the light switch to switch on.


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