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August 01, 2006

Charity begins at home.....

"A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog."- Jack London

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and when I read hastobeme.blogspot.com/, I wanted to finish this article that I have had in my mind for ages.

I am blessed that my parents taught me the importance of" giving" & "sharing"at a very young age. My mom used to say that even if we have one small fruit, it has to be divided equally among all members in the house (maids included). I used to be mad at her especially when the sweet or fruit was my favorite. As we grew up, they always said " you should now how to live like a queen , and live like a beggar too" and that all that goes up has to come down some day..hmm how thought provoking!

When we invited friends and family home for birthday parties we made it a point to say not to bring gifts, but some think that it is rude to come empty handed and I used to get a lot of money. On the night of the party my parents put all of it together in an envelope and had me take it to school and donate it. (the convent also had an orphanage attached).

Every year for Diwali, my parents sent a check to an orphanage in Chennai. Now, if they had just sent a check it is easy enough..But NO NO, every year my parents had one of us sacrifice getting new clothes for the year, it was not because we could not afford getting new clothes but to just learn to give and sacrifice. But I remember as child I told my mom that it was no big deal and I can wear ironed clothes that made it look good as new! And today I am soooo glad my parents did that to us.

Now some of us in our family do what we can in our own little way, we are not philanthropist and have not dedicated our lives to the society, but they were all good lessons learnt .

R & I have now associated ourselves to a very small orphanage in Salem started by three men from a middle class working family. They do not have funding and publicity like other orphanges, but the changes they have bought in the lives ofthe children is phenomenal. If any of you are interested, do let me know and I will email you the details.

Thanks amma & appa for this wonderful life lesson.!
Update: If you are interested in helping , you can make a check payable to ,
" Nesackkarangal"
Address:Dr K.N.Rao Building
Plot No: 1 &2, K.P Nagar
Judge Road,
Salem - 636008
Tamilnadu , India
Ph: 91 427 2403101
I will be going to India pretty soon and would be more then happy to take your checks. If interested email me and I will send you the address you should mail it to. Thanks in Advance

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