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June 16, 2006

Tagged - 10 things I miss of Mom’s cooking Meme

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There is a whole bunch of things that I miss, so let me start from the start of day

1. I used to wake up to the water boiling and my mom pouring the water into the filter, that sizzling sound was my alarm and yes the best coffee ever ( It beats Starbucks and all the other coffees I have had).
2. The hot Idlis and dosas that she used to make to suit my whims and fancies ( roll it like a cone one, with molaga podi, without podi, sprinkle some onions and all the fixings I could ever come up with.... ( yeah my love for food started way early)
3. The Chitranna (variety rice) that she would make for lunch. She used to send lunch in a carrier, the top box would be rice, middle one would be vegetable or chips/pappad and 3rd was a surprise every single day, I have no clue how she came up with something or other, one day it would be a fruit, the next day a chocolate, the third 25paise to buy chikkiand the list goes on...We loved this game.
4. In the evening, when I came back from school the awesome cold rosemilk (home made) and some snack ( not the same as afternoon mind you) My middle sister used to sniff like a dog, go to the sink to see if she can figure out the snack she made, coz she hid some other snacks she would make if she had time that day.
5.Channa , she came up with her own recipe and I have never had the likes, and I cannot get the same taste. She used to sometimes make puri's for breakfast , my dad likes traditional breakfast, so she would make dosas for him and puris for us.
6. Badam Puri - A Very strenuous and time taking sweet that she made occasionally. When I started working and was away from home, I used to crave for it and my dad sent it by courier for me ( yeah I was spoiled by parents - youngest in the family and now spoiled by R).
7. Coconut Burfi Sometimes I think it is just the hand that cooks them. I am terrified that it wont come up to my mom's taste, so have never tried making them
8. AApam with thengai paal - Out of the world!
9. Semiya Payasam (vermicilli kheer) - Heavenly! She made it for all my birthdays and still makes them even though I am so many miles away
10. Sodhi - A tirunelvelli dish made with coconut milk and dhal and served with ginger chutney and potato fry.

As I write this, I wonder if I can be so dedicated as my mom did when I have a child of my own ( I am sure mine will be a big brat coz I was one). Amma I miss you......

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