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June 05, 2006

Moving ..Mad House ??Part I

We are moving to a city about 150 miles from where we live and boy what an experience. The saga is not over yet as we have just finished packing. The first step, deciding what we really want and sell/donate/trash the rest. That became a project by itself. R & I are big hoarders, we pick up stuff online, garage sale , from India (influence of the Antique road show) and we have now have a garage full of things ( thank god we still had place to park 2 cars).

After we agreed mutually on some things and debated about the others, we took pictures of everything we wanted to sell and uploaded them and then put an ad on www.craigslist.com. We had a whole lot of enquiries, some flake out and the serious enquiries do drop by to take a look. Sorry for the discrimination, but when local people want something, they are pretty clear, they look at the item and if it is as advertised without a word pay for it, pick it up and leave. But our brethren expect almost brand new items from a garage sale, the only thing that they missed asking was if it had money back guarantee.....It was an experience and the funny part is when some folks start talking in a language thinking we don't understand them.

After all this we started boxing all our things and my friend says that since I am doing it in such an organized fashion, I should become a moving consultant..
more fun to follow next week when we actually move

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