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May 10, 2006

Fruit Medley and Eggless Custard

This custard powder is available in Indian stores.

Going to the ice cream shop in India (before the Baskin Robbins, Amul Ice Creams...)meant going to a tiny mom & pop joint that served fruit salads and ice creams. We never stored ice cream at home coz of the frequent power cuts, so going to the ice cream parlor was always a treat.

Come summer and we use to try to convince my mom to buy some popsicles from the ice cream vendor on the street and my mom in turn made custard and fruit salad and always convinced us that it tasted better and it did. My mom used to divide it equally among the siblings and boy did we still fight over it...

Ok here comes the simplest recipe ever...

Take any fruits that are in season, I had plums, mangoes, strawberries and banana. So I diced them in to small chunks and let it cool. Dice the banana when you are ready to serve or they turn brown.

Follow the recipe for the custard recipe from the box. I once tried microwaving the milk instead of boiling it on the stove and it turned out horrible.

I like to put mine in small cups to make a mould, when you are ready to serve topple it on the plate and serve with chilled fruits. You can add raisins as a garnish and drizzle some honey on the fruits. (I was too impatient and hence did not let it set enough)

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