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May 09, 2006

Mother's Day - Happy Mother's Day Amma..

Never does a day go by without I thinking of my mom. As she grows older I worry that I am not spending so much time with her and try my best to call as much as I can to make for it. When I think back, we take our mom's so much for granted.
My mom was a real homemaker, my dad's responsibility ended with him bringing the paycheck. My mom used to and still does all the other stuff like paying bills, buying groceries and the whole nine yards and in the midst of all this , she does her puja(which she does with total dedication and concentration), cooks, cleans and takes care of us, a dog ,and a live in maid( a young orphaned girl they adopted).
When we came home from school, there was always a glass of cold rosemilk(she made it from scratch) and some home made snack on the table for us. I don't know how my mom managed, my dad liked typical tirunelvelli food, my oldest sister always wanted tiffin items(idli,dosa for school lunch) , my middle sister like all middle sisters adjusted to everything and I being the youngest and pampered always wanted fried rice or chitra anna(lime rice, tamarind rice & the likes) My poor mom got all this ready by 8:00 and packed our lunches for us.
She used to spend most of her time cooking and cleaning and now here I am with all modern amenities still complain every once in a while. We make payments online, a dish washer to do the dishes, the faithful washer dryer to wash and dry our clothes ( I complain about folding clothes, gosh, I am spoilt) and a vaccum cleaner to clean the house.

After all that work, she had the time too see if we did our homework. Wow that is amazing.

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