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June 11, 2006

Moving Tips and Experience

Yeah , moving is a pain and every bone of my body is tired. We had a little more to sell , but they were too insignificant and not worth the time so took them to goodwill.


1. Make sure that you catalog each box , I made it a point to write on the box each and very article that went in. ( we have experienced trying to search for one thing and opening a whole bunch of boxes)
2. Hire movers,it is not worth all the hardwork you do. We have have helped and received helped from many friends and it takes almost the whole day before everything is moved. Though I catalog boxes, when moving people don't look at where each box has to go and ends up mostly in the garage. When we have friends, we don't feel like telling them where to put what as we are already feeling obligated.
3. Don't have loose odds and ends outside till the last day - we were so overwhelmed with the move that we missed a few things , the movers just come with huge boxes and throw odds and ends together and then it is back to square one looking for things.
4. If you know you are going to move in a couple of months, start discarding what you don't need. If you have not touched or even thought about it in the last two years , then you don't need it.
5. When you hire movers, make it a pointing to check if they have a license and insurance and what the cost would be. We were kind of inclined towards a mover who asked for a fix rate, we then found someone who was a member for the Better Business Bearau, we hired him and we had no complaints whatsever and the cost came up to be cheaper then the guy who asked for a flat rate. He came at the exact time he promised ( have heard horror stories from friends who have told me that their movers carried one pillow at a time) and moved everything so fast, we could not believe it. We were done moving by 2.45 pm & they started at 9:00am.
6. We had marked all boxes with a big green dot on all fours for all items that stayed in the garage. It really helped coz that saves R the trip of taking them back to the garage.
7. Movers ask for 15 to 20% tips, we did not know that it was so much. We just gave some money as tips and then the the mover told us it was 15% atleast.

I guess this is what I have learnt. Now the part of unpacking....what fun !Have to get this done by the 20th as my neice and nephew will be with us for summer vacation.

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