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July 23, 2006

Yosemite Pictures

Stopped by the road at this water fall. Kids and S" had a great time clambering over the rocks, collecting pebbles and driftwood while I was busy taking pictures.

Mid April thro June is usually a good time to visit Yosemite, this year due to the great winter the falls were still flowing full in July.

Mirror Lake, it's a pond actually but catching the reflection of half dome during sunset kind of makes up for the mosquitoes that feast on you on the way. Plus it is a nice hike, not too steep, not too long. You get the bonus of a nice picnic spot to play in the small sandy stream you pass before reaching the "lake"

I never get tired of this place, and every time I get here, I seem to enjoy it more.

Sticks, Stones and Water

More pics from the falls we stopped by.

Near Mirror lake, there is this sandy spot where kids played in the water. The still water makes an almost perfect mirror reflecting the granite in the back.

Bridal veil, pictures do little justice to this place. The spray of water is quite refeshing especially on hot days.

More bridal veil ......

More bridal veil ......

bridal veil

bridal veil