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June 19, 2006

Mad House II- posted by R

Shanks blogging using our neighbours wireless n/w before the move. They live across the street and only a couple of spots in the house had a decent signal. But S cant live without the web.

After weeks of packing, taping planning ... its all slowing settling down and coming back to some sense of normality. Part of the complication was due to a business requirements which had us stay in a furnished corporate apartment for 3 months before we could move into our own place. We ended up with stuff in 3 different homes for couple of weeks. Which looking back is too funny. If I found toothpaste, I would be missing the brush, or all my tooth brushes and deo would be in the other city. We had full kitchens both in Folsom and the Bay area, S being as oganized as she is managed without a hitch. We would make the weekend trip to packup for the impending move. Crazy is too mild a word.

So we had to empty and vacate 2 places and move into and set up the 3rd.

Check out Shankari's catalogue , especially the last three....
(Shankari - Ok, I kept asking R what was in the box as he had already taped the box even before I could write what was in the box and he started saying ,"of some S*** and some C***, so I decided to write it there just as he said so we could have a laugh when we were unpacking)

I am a pack rat, and finally got rid of tons of crap (with a berry berry heavy heart relinquished all those treasures that I had collected/scavenged over the years)

Shanks insistence that we list contents of the packing boxes helped, quite a lot. My brain is usually on 3 different tracks and a consequence of this is that I some times cannot recall what I just did a minute ago. I would tape up a box, start listing the contents and go totally blank on what I just put in, and I feared the day we would start to look for something. So I had this brilliant idea of doing an instant catalogue using my camera.

Finally the day of the move and the thats our truck climbing the Altamont gradient, with us following behind it.

In a weeks time I will probably be thinking What was all the fuss about.

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