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June 29, 2006

What else can I cook?

As I mentioned earlier my niece and nephew are with me for summer vacation and it is a lot of fun having them around. Just like me, they love food, so my niece gave me a list of what she and her anna likes so that I can cook them for here. She likes to see me cook and wants to help me too. So we decided that we make mini Pizzas as finger food before our Italian dinner.
I was too lazy to make the dough from scratch, I went to a
local pizza shop and bought fresh dough from them. We decided to make them with different toppings. All the pizzas had the same tomato sauce base and cheese. I rolled the dough and my niece helped me making small rounds with a cookie cutter and sprinkled the topping.

1st Topping
Bell Pepper

2nd Topping was Indian style which we love the most.
Coriander leaves

Green Chillies

3rd topping
Sun Dried tomatoes

All of us loved it. We are now on our way to camp for 2 nights and then off to Yosemite, so will be back on Monday to blog about our trip and the food ofcourse!

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