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October 13, 2006

A Medley of thoughts..

I warn you folks just as the title suggests this is a "gumbo" of all my thoughts and is as my blog goes a stream of consciousness.

Our recent trip to India was an enjoyable one, but it also got me confused as to where my loyalties were. I call US home while in India and when having conversations with friends and colleague's the US call India my home

I don't know if many of you feel the way I do, when we come here to the US the thoughts,incidents that are imprinted in our minds is that of what happened years ago. Like for instance my nostalgic memory of waking up was to the sizzling noise of boiling water that my mom would pour into the coffee filter and today she uses a electric one..

I expect my parents to be as energetic as they were when I left them and shocked to see them old and silver hair sticking out reminding me hey they are growing old too.
My sisters son who loved to have his face in every picture is all grown up now...Our tenants have changed, the neighbours have moved and little kids are now in college.

It is wonderful to see a lot of change, and while talking I hear stories about this aunt and another uncle and so on and wonder why they did not tell me all this when I call them, I always ask them what else is going on? But to think of it they would think that is rather not very important to discuss on an international phone call. But I still feel like I miss everything going in my parents day to day lives. And then a small flicker of thought, should I go back to India?

I look at how we celebrate Diwali here with as much enthusiasm we can muster, try to go to the temple,attend parties,make sweets from scratch and I see parents explaining to children what Diwali as relive what we all have celebrated as kids, but in India I see many people going to Grand Snack(sweet shop in Chennai) and the likes to buy the sweets and they don't have the time to make the sweet and one glance at the teenagers around you and you can tell that they are westernised and I think to myself it is all the same ...

Do you guys feel that way or I am just weird????

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