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October 03, 2006

Wave riding Dog on Kattu-maram (tied wood) and the crabbers

Still jet lagged. S is more or less back to a regular routine.
My dad's house is very close to the beach. I was there at the beach a lot in the early hours, trying to catch the rising sun, when I saw the kattu-maram (the word catamaran originates from the kattumaram or tied wood) coming into the shore, I didnt give it much thought. Just another fisherman I thought...

Check out the cool dawg......
as the kattumaram rides the swells to come ashore

Was I glad my camera was switched on, as within seconds the action was all over.

The only modernization to the ancient craft was a diesel outboard motor !

Meet the crabbers !

This guy was incredible nimble, the time between selecting a crab hole and digging in to grab his was within 10's of seconds.

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