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August 30, 2006

About me,me and only me

I am thinking about : What I have to do before I leave on my vacation!
I said : I can do it!
I want to : achieve the things that I have been dreaming of....
I wish : I can resolve all our family problems
I regret : saying things in anger that I dont mean one bit
I hear : the clock ticking
I am : what you see, nothing different
I dance : when I am really in the mood to do so
I sing : very well
I cry : when people accuse me of something I am not
I am not : a person who can say things subtly
I am with my hands: always typing away on my laptop or cooking
I write: my list of things to do (do I complete them, that is a different post all together)
I confuse : hmmm if I say it, I will get in trouble
I need : to get over some of my fears
I tag : Sudha

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