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September 27, 2006

I am back!

After a short and sweet vacation I am back..It was fun and yet I missed blogging, but managed to read a few blogs every once in a while. In a time span of three week, we managed to squeeze in an much as possible.

So here goes the places I visited, 1st to Chennai @ my inlaws, Salem to visit my parents, Dharmapuri to be with my sister, Hogennakal (beautiful waterfalls),Yercaud (hill station close to Salem), Mangalore, Subramanya ( visit to a temple) and back to Chennai again!

At Chennai, I was blessed to be a part of my FIL's 80th borthday celebrations. The religious custom is called Sathaabhishekam and it was fun, met with family and ate proper wedding food on a plantain leaf (it all comes back to food eh?) My FIL is a super sport, after the religious rituals were over, we had made a video of all the pictures of my inlaws (rajesh scanned every picture,he could lay his hands on) and then the fun part began, All his children decided to sing songs and my FIL picked up the mike first and surprised us by singing a song and he dedicated it to my MIL, it was sooo touching and then ofcourse we all sang, including my mom and other family members

Another highlight was that I spoke to Shanti, a fellow blogger and now friend. It was fun talking to her

At Salem, Rajesh & I visited the orphanage and were suprised to see how some of the kids had grown in 1.5 years. One of them jumped on to my mom's lap (she knows my mom well)and started reciting all the nursery rhymes she knows and another kid, who we saw as a baby started chatting with me. It was really nice to see that they are all so well taken care of and smiling. We handed over all the checks that you were kind enough to send to us. After a cup of tea with them and after finding more of what they do we left back home with a heavy heart how their parents had the heart to leave these children in trash can and bus stands?
On the lighter side, I ate like a pig and gained a few pounds,shopped a little and spent quality time with our folks. More anecdotes a little later...c ya

At Subramanya, near Managlore.

At Hogennakal Waterfalls, near Dharmapuri

An Aerial view of Salem from Yercaud.

My food loot from India!!!!