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December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

December 15, 2008

Briana Marie Brownlow - A Celebration of her life.

We celebrated the life of Bri in Santa Rosa yesterday. I don't think I can do justice in describing how beautiful the it was, I can only try.

The hall was filled with people who loved Bri dearly. We cried a little, laughed a bit, and it was unanimous that we can never forget Bri. I write this post to let all of you know that her friends and family thanked the blogging community profusely. A farmer from the local farmer's market was there, her insurance agent- she was their customer, but you can tell how she touched their lives. Her insurance agent said that Bri changed her life. The farmer said Bri would have been happy to see him bringing a larger variety of vegetables.Her uncle remembered visiting Bri & her mom when she was a child. Bri would tread into the the living room on her toes, so she does'nt disturb her uncle's sleep to watch her favorite cartoons.

It was touching to hear Cynthe tell us about Bri's concern for all around her and especially for Marc, Bri asked, "Will Marc be ok?"

Bri's friend, Corie was overcome with emotions when she talked. She said, she kpt praying for Bri, praying for a miracle to happen and then realized that Bri is the Miracle. Marc had created a beautiful audio visual of her life- It said it all. I read the tributes from a few bloggers and some readers.

Jen Yu

Pictures taken by Anita (Married with dinner)

Here is a slideshow from yesterday and my tribute to her...
I was introduced to Bri in April of last year when another blogger friend Bee sent me an email to ask if I would be willing to work with her to conduct a fundraiser for Bri. Reading Bri's blog I felt connected to this wonderful person, whose enthusiasm and passion for life was simply contagious.

I got to know Bri & Cynthe more through emails and a few phone calls. What impressed me was the determination and courage that we saw in Bri in the circumstances and the strength, encouragement and love that Marc, Cynthe & bill showered on her. Along with Bee & jai, we visited Bri in September.When we met in person, I was even more humbled by her personality At that time, Her neck was in a cast because of the hairline compression fractures caused to her spine after the cancer metastasized to her bones. While I was worried that I might cry when I see her, she changed the mood to that of a happy reunion . She remained calm,serene, and remembered to ask Bee of her trip to Grand Teton, to ask us of our adoption journey, of my cooking classes and said she was hoping to come to Sacramento to take a few of my Indian cooking classes. I asked her how she she was doing she said,"I am doing great this hour". I learnt a few life lessons in that very short time. She taught me to enjoy life one minute at a time and be thankful with everything we have and not worry about what we don't. I will end my part of the tribute with a quote which sums up who Bri was to me

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.”- William Allen White

We miss you Bri.