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July 21, 2008

Beer bath

[Post by Rajesh]
The mint patch in our backyard kept getting attacked by snails, and not wanting to use pesticides I kept ignoring them.(yea there's snail bait, but I dont know what's in it and too lazy to go to the garden store)

Last week an organic farmer came to kid's cooking camp that Shankari was teaching, and I was talking to him as to how they handled snails in his farm, and it was quite staight forward and easy.
was the answer, I find atleast a couple of dead drunk snails every morning in the cut-off yogurt tub.

So here's your excuse to get beer and test them if the snails will like them.
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July 03, 2008

Cooking Classes

Class at Whole Foods

I will begin giving cooking classes at East Bay Restaurant Supply store starting this month along with my classes at Whole Foods and Sac-Coop. Walking in to this store is like being in Disneyland for me. All the pots,pans and amazing kitchen gadgets. I already have a list of things I am looking to buy and the best thing is the prices are not steep and it is open to public.

All of the cooking schools I teach at have very unique offerings. Take a look and you will not be dissapointed.

Classes at East Bay
Saturday 12:30 - 3:30 pm
Reservations: (916) 440-0623 or email Carolynk@ebrs.net

Join Shankari Easwaran on a culinary tour to her country, India. Learn about the rich culture of India and understand the different spices of India. Shankari will help you understand the elements of curry along with interesting stories of her culinary adventure in her mother' s kitchen.

Class 1 - July 12th
  • Naan - Learn how to make this ever-popular Indian bread.>
  • Channa Masala- A wonderful "comfort food " also called Chole. Channa masala is garbanzo beans cooked in a tangy tomato sauce
  • Chicken Curry- Chicken cooked in an aromatic sauce infused with poppy seeds, fennel and coconut.
  • Raitha - Cool off with a tomato yogurt salad with a hint of mint

The Global Scene: Tour of India - Vegetarian

July 9th 6:00 p.m.

Jump onto the tour of India with Shankari! Fresh vegetables are a staple of this cuisine. Learn how to make unbelievably tasty dishes utilizing Indian spices and techniques, as well as the wonderful produce our area has to offer.

  • Vegetable Pakoda (Fritters)
  • Rasam - A tangy, southern Indian comfort soup made with tomatoes, tamarind and seasonings.
  • Potato Curry - A simple and delicious side dish.
  • Carrot Halwa- A sweet spiced and dessert with nuts.

July 14th -6:00pm

Join Shankari and experience the cuisine of Southern India, the land of coconuts and rice. Watch her cook as she talks to you about the unique flavors that make up the popular cuisine from this area.

  • Vegetable Cutlets - A healthy appetizer made with fresh vegetables and cooked with very little oil.
  • Chicken Ishtoo - Chicken cooked in just the right amount of spices and coconut milk, presented to you from the State of Kerala.
  • Coconut Rice- Grated coconut roasted and garnished over rice.
  • Mango and Yogurt Cream- The perfect dessert after an Indian meal!

Classes at Co-op

Indian Vegetable Specialties
Thursday, July 31 -6:00pm

Shankari will kick off the series by familiarizing you with a variety of Indian flavors and
spices. We’ll make gingered chickpea salad, minted basmati rice pulao garnished with
baby potatoes, spicy cauliflower with braised tomato, date and raisin chutney, and pista
burfi, a simple creamy pistachio fudge for dessert.