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November 02, 2006

One post and Two Tags!

What can I say, I dont want to cry like our friend Syam here about tags, it is fun.Patty and http://mitrideas.blogspot.com/ had tagged me , since there was a lot going on at home, did not get a chance to do them, but here it goes....

1. Psycho in me: Hmmmm..that is me! (or that is what R calls me) When the house is not cleaned...the other avatar of me comes to light

2. Thinni pandaram: My blog is an example by itself...love all foods and am always looking to try new cuisines and food. I tried lobster yesterday and liked it..

3. Kids: Love them, but definitely dont like the kids who liein the middle of a shopping mall throwing tantrums

4. Dreams: Have the most wierdest dreams and I remember vividly the once I have had in my chilhood too (some of them)

5. No weird: ??????

6. Bore factor: Cleaning dishes and folding clothes

This one is from Patty

Smells I love
Smell of citrus flavors
Fresh coffee brewing

Smells I hate
Sometimes the smell of chicken cooking,
Bad body odor

Jobs that I have had in my life
Admin manager
Bank teller
Relationship Associate in a bank.

Movies that I could watch over and over
Roman Holiday
My Fair Lady

Fond memories
My childhood
Living by myself for the 1st time
holidays with RajeshH

Jobs I would love to have - I take up jobs that I love, so .....

Places that I have lived

Things I like to do
spend time with Rajesh (not necessarily in that order)

3 Of my favorite foods
Rasam & potato,
Indian style chicken

3 Places I would like to be right now
My home
My mom's place

3 Websites that I visit daily
Immigrant in Canada's blog
My office website

3 Things that make me cry
When I am blamed for things I did not do.
When I miss my parents

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