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December 19, 2007

Little Bundles of Joy!

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While I wanted to do something special for my students who I give classes to, I also wanted it to be food related and be Indian at the same time. Where else can I look for ideas other then our blog world and lo & behold I found this wonderful blog ,where she made this gift for her MIL.

I was thrilled to bits and was sure that everyone in my class will love it. I did not have the time to dehydrate the ginger. I ground ginger powder, cinnamon, a small teaspoon of fennel seeds, cloves and cardamom and mixed it with the tea leaves I brought from India. I used a silk cloth at home to make these bundles. I printed out the recipe to make the tea as well!

Thank you for a wonderful year in the blog world. While we have been facing a lot of challenges in our life, blogging and reading other blogs has been a breath of fresh air from everything . We are really thankful for having made good friends who have helped us in many ways.
Have a wonderful year ahead and be safe!

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