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May 18, 2008

The Best Gift...Teacher's Day

When I was writing this post in my mind, I was toying with different titles . But really what my students cooked over the weekend was truly a delight We decided to have an Indian themed potluck party at my house and we all had a blast talking about food and eating all the delicious goodies.
Now this is the kind of group where you can talk about food for hours and no one thinks you are on crack :)

We had invited a whole bunch of students from my cooking class and a few bloggers. My students decided to cook something that I had taught them. So the menu was something like this, I am sure you will drooling starting NOW


Vegetable Puff made by Mona and Brynn
Pani Puri by Eileen
Aloo channa salad - Carolyn & Gary
Puffed Rice - Us
Boiled Peanuts - Us

Cucumber Salad with peanuts - Ann
Cucumber Raitha - Us
Onion Raitha - Us

All kinds of Bread - I call him our Bread man - Roger

Bell Pepper Curry - Karen
Lamb & Pork Vindaloo - Mona
Buccaneer Chicken - Mel
Vegetable Biriyani - Us

Almond Torte with Raspberry Sauce - Stephen ( I know not Indian, but complemented what we ate)
Mango & Yogurt Cream - Us

Can you tell that we were stuffed? The food was absolutely delicious. It was the best gift ever to see all my students having cooked what I taught them and so well. I was not this happy when I got my first pay check. ! Thanks to all of you for having made my day.

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